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In addition to women's beauty products, N2 Beauty Cosmetics is your source for a first-rate selection of men's skin care items. Our products include natural ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin C, and plant extracts to clean skin and leave it hydrated. You get a closer shave without damaging your skin when you use the shaving gel and after shave lotion. Avoid razor cuts and bumps with our 6 luxe products designed for the Handsome, Intelligent Man.

The N2 H.I.M. Skincare Collection is 6 amazing products that renew, restore and re-energize your skin. Available in two sets or you can purchase individually.

N2H.I.M. 3 Simple Steps—A combination of our facial cleanser, facial scrub and vitamin C moisturizer. Designed for men and their needs.

N2 H.I.M. Ultimate Skincare—All the products in 3 Simple Steps with the addition of your shaving gel and aftershave lotion with a bonus muscle rub. The complete collection for the ultimate man.

Shaving Gel—This soothing gel with aloe vera naturally lubricates and protects the skin. Spearmint leaf, eucalyptus leaf, and tea tree oils minimize skin irritation with their healing.

Cooling Aftershave—This calming aftershave, infused with aloe, moisturizes and helps soothe razor and irritation. Natural plant extracts work together to heal and refresh the skin.

Action C Moisturizer—This lightweight moisturizer is super-charged with vitamin C to help minimize the signs of aging. Restores natural moisture to diminish lines. Ideal for daily use after cleansing or shaving.

Facial Scrub—This botanical facial scrub with spherical beads will gently, but thoroughly, remove dead skin cells Vitamin C will nourish while aloe, chamomile, and algae extracts will leave your skin looking renewed and feeling refreshed.

Facial Cleanser
—This gentle, oil-free cleanser deep cleans pores and rids them of excess dirt. Moisturizing plant extracts will leave his skin soft and smooth.

Muscle Rub—This natural sports rub is specially formulated to soothe sore muscles and joint pain. A powerful blend together as a natural remedy against tendonitis, muscle soreness and athletic injuries.

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