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"Beauty is as beauty does...Be Beautiful."

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Nicole Nelson Hammond

Who is N2?

The name inspiring the symbol is Nicole Nelson Hammond. A talented entrepreneur, make-up artist and businesswoman. She devoted 10 years working in corporate America for the recruitment and staffing industry when after being downsized decided that she wanted to pursue her passion for the beauty industry by creating her own cosmetics and skincare line.

She first felt the cosmetics bug in June of 1991 when she got a makeover for her senior prom from a celebrity makeup artist known as "Cinderella". A year later she became an apprentice for that same makeup artist while working part time for a leading cosmetics company owned by Vera Moore... and the seed was planted.

A decade later in the summer of 2003 Nicole made the decision to create N2 Cosmetics and go back to her love for make-up. She entered an industry she loved and as a consumer supported. Two years later after meeting her husband Will who encouraged her to take it to the next level. She studied her craft further and became a Certified Artist/Licensed Esthetician. This made her want to have her own Day Spa, where her clients were properly pampered and educated about their skin and makeup. He saw her vision and with his support her dream of opening the N2 Beauty™ Day Spa was realized. Nicole Nelson Hammond is proud to showcase The B.A.S.I.C Collection of N2 Cosmetics and the pampering services of the N2 Beauty Day Spa.

N2 on What is Beauty?

You define your beauty.
My approach to applying makeup on my clients is and has always been consultative. I teach the technique and tools while encouraging them so they feel the most confident when on their own.

We look at our face in the mirror and discover ourselves, we try to notice what we are portraying to others.

Beauty is about discovery, find a signature feature that you love about yourself and highlight it. Your eyes, lips or complexion and define that look to portray the image you want others to see. Don't always apply the same colors or looks because you wind up dating yourself. Do not be afraid of color, I always say, "you wear the color,the color doesn't wear you"! Attitude is everything. Fix what you can and focus on your best features and you know what...God bless what we cannot change and love it anyway! Remember, "beauty is as beauty does...Be Beautiful", and don't forget to smile it captures your soul.

"We are all different but the same, separated by our features and our inner makeup."- N2