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N2 Beauty™ Cosmetics is often recognized in the media. Here are a few noteable moments.

6/4/12 - Business Spotlight w/ N2beauty Cosmetics

Opportunity Rocks! Thank you Stacie NC Grant for having me on your radio show today.

Monday Mid-Day Motivation Show w/ Stacie NC Grant.

Go get your blessings beauties! 2012 is my time! Press play and enjoy.

On the Scene

Music Farm NY does A behind the scenes interview with Creator/CEO of N2 Beauty Cosmetics.

Create Your Own Luck

I would like to share with you the pure essence of my brand. This mini chat was taken behind the scenes of one of my casting calls. The camera man after seeing me work the entire 8 hour long shoot had asked me a question about the cosmetics line. About 2 weeks later he calls me into the studio to look at clips. This clip had me speechless because at no point did I know he was filming me. This is raw footage but it captures what N2beauty is all about. So I am sharing even though I'm shining after being under those lights all day! LOL

2/1/12 Client Testimonials Live @ Music Farm New York

Makeup that enhances your natural beauty. I love when you beauties respond to my product especially after the first application.

Classic Eric Cole (swiffdizzy) of 1stMind Entertainment & Bootlegg Films llc interviews N2 @The makeup studio & day spa in 2008